[NTG-context] definemathcommand and Lucida OT

Otared Kavian otared at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 11:23:55 CET 2022

Hi Hans,

Some time ago I reported about an issue with \definemathcommand, and the issue is still present, as one can see with following example.

Best regards: Otared
% begin liminf-Argmin.tex


\definemathcommand [Argmin]  [limop] {\mfunctionlabeltext{ArgMin}}
\definemathcommand [liminfbar]  [limop] {\underline{\mfunctionlabeltext{lim}}}
\definemathcommand [limsupbar]  [limop] {\overline{\mfunctionlabeltext{lim}}}

The built-in commands \type{\liminf}, yielding $\liminf$, and \type{\limsup}, yielding $\limsup$ do not work properly with LucidaOT:
x_{n} := (-1)^n, \quad\mbox{then} \quad \liminf_{n \geq 0}x_{n} = -1, \quad \limsup_{n\geq 0} x_{n}= +1.

The user defined commands \type{\liminfbar} and \type{\limsupbar} behave correctly:
x_{n} := (-1)^n, \quad\mbox{then} \quad \liminfbar_{n \geq 0}x_{n} = -1, \quad \limsupbar_{n\geq 0}x_{n} = +1,
but not the command \type{\Argmin}
\Argmin_{x\in {\Bbb R}} (x^2 - x + 1) = {1 \over 2}.


% end liminf-Argmin.tex

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