[NTG-context] new uplaod

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Tue Jan 18 10:55:29 CET 2022


a new lmtx upload

- crash with bottom floats probably solved: had to do with tricky 
interaction between engine insert handling and callback interference (as 
well as some assumptions in the engine dating that relate to the fact 
that tex was never written to be opened up this way)

- crash due to math initialization: this related to a new mechanism wrt 
math parameters that Mikael and I are playing with .. think of this:

\newmuskip    \mymuskipA
\mugluespecdef\mymuskipB 0mu

\inherited\Umathradradspacing  \textstyle\mymuskipB

                   \mymuskipA 10mu
     \mugluespecdef\mymuskipB 10mu
     $\mathrad {x}\mathrad {x}$\par
                   \mymuskipA 20mu
     \mugluespecdef\mymuskipB 20mu
     $\mathrad {x}\mathrad {x}$\par
                   \mymuskipA 30mu
     \mugluespecdef\mymuskipB 30mu
     $\mathrad {x}\mathrad {x}$\par
                   \mymuskipA 30mu plus 10mu minus 10mu
     \mugluespecdef\mymuskipB 30mu plus 10mu minus 10mu
     $\mathrad {x}\mathrad {x}$\par

tex has a few abstractions (thinmuskip etc) than basically postpone a 
setting so that they can be adapted by setting these 'special - internal 
in luametatex speak - mu glue registers' but is is being generalized so 
that we can group math (integer, dimension, glue) parameters by binding 
them to registers and constants ... that way we can do simple and 
efficient switches to different spacing ... just that you know


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