[NTG-context] three suggestions for the statistical-charts module

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Mon Jan 17 17:32:20 CET 2022

Hi Tamara, Adriana and Tomáš,

this is my first sample using statistical-charts (I attach the CSV file):

    \linechart[basic][yscale=.25, xscale=1,
    line=yes, linecolor=shamrock,
    dotswidth=5, dotslabels=yes,
    axesunits=yes, xunit={Measurements},
    [method=dataset, dsname=main, filename=\jobname.csv,
    sep=;, cx={A2:A14},

I wonder whether this has been already proposed:

1. If the CSV file contains fields with quotes that the module reads,
compilation breaks. Would it be possible that quotes could be ignored by
the module?

2. Could you add an option to ignore the header (the first row), so that
then "cx=A" cwould work without problems?

3. I haven’t found your module in https://modules.contextgarden.net. I
think it would be great to have it there. Otherwise, users may not know
of its existence.

I have other questions, but this will be addressed in a next message.

Many thanks for your excellent work,

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