[NTG-context] How to override ConTeXt-SBL titles, to make all titles everywhere capitalized?

Joel uaru99 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 17 17:03:32 CET 2022

I am a few days from sending a document to a publisher, and using the Society of Biblical Literature style (via the macro ConTeXt-SBL) as it is very close to what I need, Chicago (numbers style) citations. One glaring difference I notice between the two styles is ConTeXt-SBL presents the titles of articles and books in lower case, but Chicago gives them in upper case (I think SBL should too, but maybe as my entire BibTeX file is lowercase, it is not). How can I tell ConTeXt to override the titles, everywhere they appear, so they are printed in uppercase? I've manually marked all of the words that should not be capitalized in my BiBTeX file as with \word{of} so they will ignore any instructions to become capitalized.


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