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Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Sat Jan 15 17:45:07 CET 2022

On 1/15/2022 3:52 PM, Alexandre Christe via ntg-context wrote:
> Just came across a weird behavior with the latest upload.
> The following doesn't print as it should
> \startformula 4^{2x} - 4^x - 25 = 0 \stopformula
> I don't think it's normal (I see the spacing to make room for anything 
> that comes after the first character in the exposant, but it is not 
> printed).

to get an idea about default and additional spacing in tex ...


     \dontleavehmode\ruledhbox{$x^2 + x$}\par
     \dontleavehmode\ruledhbox{$x_2 + x$}\par
     \dontleavehmode\ruledhbox{$x^^2 + x$}\par
     \dontleavehmode\ruledhbox{$x__2 + x$}\blank

     \Umathspaceafterscript \textstyle0pt
     \Umathextrasupspace    \textstyle20pt
     \Umathextrasubspace    \textstyle40pt
     \Umathextrasupprespace \textstyle10pt
     \Umathextrasubprespace \textstyle30pt


so by default there is space added to scripts (more in latin modern than 
in cmr btw as it is font driven) but one can argue if that makes sense 
at all ... this is why we might default to zero font spacing and 
specific super/subscript spacing instead (just as in lmtx we have 
prescripts and related (fake opentype) spacing)

in a similar fashion there is built-in pre/post fraction spacing that 
makes that we cannot have tight fractions (by default) while in fact 
that has to be driven by proper fraction-class spacing so that's another 
thing that might happen: tight fractions + proper interclass spacing 
(because we have less memory constraints than when tex showed up we can 
add classes without overhead)

(i bet that due to a 'tex does perfect math syndrome' these thinsg go 
unnoticed (not by DEK himself, just look at the chapters on finetunign 
math) ... some of it is also compensate for the width-of-glyph cheating 
that goes on in the traditional engine but that is another matter


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