[NTG-context] new upload

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Sat Jan 15 11:54:51 CET 2022


I uploaded a new version but best first read this because some is 
experimental and i need to sycn with those involved, so thereofre the 
uplaod (too many files involved):


- We added indic language patterns ad well as defined the languages but 
labels are on the todo as are conversions; kauśika is working on this

- We also added a tweak to deal with a certain class of indic fonts; 
there will be a more detailed report about the why and how by kauśika

- So, Indic should work as before but with more dedicated support coming.


- Mikael and I are stepwise going over the math machinery: constructs, 
spacing etc in the perspective of what luametatex provided.

- We think we can improve spacing (more consistent) but it needs some 
work and testing. Some gets shifted from engine heuristics to 
predictable control.

- There will be a 'traditional swedish' spacing variant, also as an 
exaple of how users can finetune and adapt to the math culture they 
like. (I will likely make one for educational purpose).

- All this is done by some fundamental extensions to the math engine (on 
top of all the already present configurability) but hopefully without 
side effects.


- I added a few features discussed on the list (itemize and such) which 
I let others explain (omn the wiki).


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