[NTG-context] \sub conflict with my def

Gavin gavinpublic at comcast.net
Wed Jan 12 19:34:30 CET 2022

Hi List,

I am converting problem sets from LaTeX to ConTeXt and ran into a puzzling problem. I define \sub to produce subscript text in math mode. (See definition below.) This worked for my ConTeXt book, but fails in the problem sets because in ConTeXt \sub is a special item command, and I use itemize to number problems.

Obviously, I can rename my \sub command, but it is already used in hundreds of problems and solutions that I am converting. Is there a way to get my \sub to work in an itemize? I only need it in math mode. I will never use \sub for its ConTeXt itemizing purpose.




$E\sub{final}$ is the final energy, but not in an itemize:

\item $E_{\text{\rm final}}$ is the final energy.
\item $E\sub{final}$ is a mess.


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