[NTG-context] Critical Editions?

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Sun Jan 9 23:41:44 CET 2022

On 1/9/2022 11:23 AM, hanneder--- via ntg-context wrote:

> 2. Fonts that contain all necessary diacritics have become sparse. (This 
> is more a lamentation, not
>     much one can do about it, I guess).
>     When I started TeXing people were used to writing aṭavī as 
> a\d{t}av{\=\i}. Not user friendly,
>     but it worked with many fonts. With each new font regime 
> Sanskritists had to search for new
>     fonts, invent work-arounds etc. Even the most promising attempts (I 
> spent a lot of time with
>     OmegaTeX) eventually disappeared. Now we are dependent on whether an 
> otf font has the underdot
>     characters (ṭḍṃḥ) and the vowels (āīūṛ). Within the commercial 
> fonts, I found only one
>     "Brotschrift" that worked, which is Adobe Text Pro. I really like 
> Minion, for instance, but the
>     latest otf Version has no ṭ etc.
>     Thank god, we have many TeX fonts derived from older ones that still 
> work, but many entries in
>     the TeX Font Catalogue do not!
Because minion has no bottom accent ... in a next version you can try this:




     [x][\char"2D9][x][\char"323] ṭḍṃḥ


there are more such accents but i have no time not to collect them 
(maybe we need a mechanism for missing / patching characters in lfg 
files like we have for math) because in the end 'generic' heuristics 
might fails us


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