[NTG-context] How to create cell data that spans four rows in a table?

Joel uaru99 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 8 22:39:35 CET 2022

I created a table that has some cells span multiple rows. This works good with cells that span an odd-number of rows, but when I try to span 4 rows, the text isn't quite vertically centered. How can I get the cell with the text "Archaeon Eon" to be a little lower, so it is centered within its box?
Minimum working example:

\NC {\bf Eons} \NC {\bf Eras} \NC \AR
\NC Hadeon Eon \VL \NC \AR
\NC \VL Eoarchean Era \NC \AR
\DC \DL[1] \DR
\NC \smash{Archaeon Eon} \VL Paleoarchean Era \NC \AR
\DC \DL[1] \DR
\NC \VL Mesoarchean Era \NC \AR
\DC \DL[1] \DR
\NC \VL Neoarchean Era \NC \AR

\HL\NC \VL Paleoproterozoic Era \NC \AR
\DC \DL[1] \DR
\NC Proterozoic Eon \VL Mesoproterozoic Era \NC \AR
\DC \DL[1] \DR
\NC \VL Neoproterozoic Era \NC \AR

\HL\NC \VL Paleozoic Era \NC \AR
\DC \DL[1] \DR
\NC Phanerozoic Eon \VL Mesozoic Era \NC \AR
\DC \DL[1] \DR
\NC \VL Cenozoic Era \NC \AR


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