[NTG-context] Critical Editions?

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Sat Jan 8 14:03:31 CET 2022

On 1/8/2022 12:40 PM, Jean-Pierre Delange via ntg-context wrote:
> Luigi,
> Thank you for the link.
> Unfortunately this site mentions some typesetting work for research on 
> Stoicism (and other stuff) and on uploading the manuscripts of the 
> English philosopher John Locke, but apparently some links are dead and 
> the maintenance of the site seems to have stopped since ... 2011 . But 
> maybe Hans knows these people?
It's a small dutch typesetting company doing work for afaik publishere 
in the the humanities and they are speciaized in non latin scripts 
(read: whatever can't be outsourced to large scale service 
far-far-away). They use their own plain tex macros (understandable and 
possible because no publishere can force to use a macro package for 
tricky typesetting).

They do indic scripts and Kai made the first version of the devanagari 
code for the context fontloader code that I then optimized. Over the 
years we improved that (this also relates to better specs showing up and 
more fonts; the reference for rendering is microsoft uniscribe). We also 
stepwise improved the more complex bits and pieces of handling 
discretionaries with extensive (and complex) latin fonts (that they use 
and can test) as well as some fuzzy arabic fonts. it is the main reason 
why we have the generic font loader (i.e. most of the context fontloader 
works with plain (as we ship it) including some of the fancy stuff; 
latex used that code too but with patches and layers around it and maybe 
not all features but it switched to using libraries).

So, indeed I know these (two) people,


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