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Thank you for the link.

Unfortunately this site mentions some typesetting work for research on 
Stoicism (and other stuff) and on uploading the manuscripts of the 
English philosopher John Locke, but apparently some links are dead and 
the maintenance of the site seems to have stopped since ... 2011 . But 
maybe Hans knows these people?

see here : https://www.tatzetwerk.nl/projects.php?lang=en#h3

These fellows seem to work for Brepols and Oxford >University Press 
asswell as Utrecht University.

Read this curious assertion (curious because the text mention an 
invisible project) :

"Stoa Project

The Stoa Project, which is carried out by the history working group of 
the Department of philosophy <http://www.phil.uu.nl/> of Utrecht 
University, will lead to a renewed publication of text fragments of the 
early Stoa, represented by philosophers such as Zeno, Chrysippus and 
Cleanthes. Very little of our knowledge about the Stoa comes from 
primary sources; most of what we know about it has been derived from 
secondary sources. Our most important sources are other philosophers and 
doxographers, who have cited and paraphrased the learnings of the early 
Stoa. Through modern research on doxographic traditions and 
republications of many of the sources, the current publication of this 
material, J. von Arnim’s Stoicorum Veterum Fragmenta (1903-1924) has 
become outdated.

TAT Zetwerk’s role in this project is managing the FileMaker database 
that contains Stoic text fragments (mainly in ancient Greek) accompanied 
by text critical and historic-philosophical notes, an English 
translation, and meta data. As soon as the text parts in the database 
have reached their final form, we convert them into a TeX-format, so 
that we can generate a mirrored critical edition. We can then create 
indices and concordances by using the meta data from the database. 
Currently, the Stoa Project does not have its own website."

If I understand, TAT Zetwerk manage Apple FileMaker database of pieces 
of Stoicorum Fragmenta texts (von Arnim edition) in order to convert 
them in TeX form (with critical apparatus...). But they give no sample.

Le 07/01/2022 à 18:35, luigi scarso via ntg-context a écrit :
> On Fri, Jan 7, 2022 at 6:25 PM hanneder--- via ntg-context 
> <ntg-context at ntg.nl> wrote:
>     Probably the situation in South Asian Studies (Indology) is peculiar.
>     As I indicated, there are mostly no  budgets for book typesetting in
>     Indology and
>     I know of no real expert for typesetting in this field. In other
>     words, the authors
>     have do it themselves, usually in Word etc., but some do use TeX etc.
>     Our publications
>     series (Indologica Marpurgensia) is, for instance, all done with
>     LaTeX, as are my publications
>     with Harrassowitz, which is the largest publisher in our field in
>     Germany. There is no institution
>     offering typesetting of Sanskrit editions, because there is no
>     commercial interest in it and I
>     think there is no expertise for this (especially when Indian scripts
>     are used instead of transliteration).
>     Journals are different. Indological journals published by Brill use
>     TeX internally, which is convenient,
>     but most others know only Word (->InDesign). That is the situation,
>     frustrating in a way, but it also
>     gives some freedom for using TeX (and, sadly, creating one's own
>     dilettantic designs).
>     Jürgen
> perhaps this can be interesting
> https://www.tatzetwerk.nl/
> (seen them at a context meeting years ago)
> -- 
> luigi
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