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> Probably the situation in South Asian Studies (Indology) is peculiar.
> As I indicated, there are mostly no  budgets for book typesetting in
> Indology and
> I know of no real expert for typesetting in this field. In other
> words, the authors
> have do it themselves, usually in Word etc., but some do use TeX etc.
> Our publications
> series (Indologica Marpurgensia) is, for instance, all done with
> LaTeX, as are my publications
> with Harrassowitz, which is the largest publisher in our field in
> Germany. There is no institution
> offering typesetting of Sanskrit editions, because there is no
> commercial interest in it and I
> think there is no expertise for this (especially when Indian scripts
> are used instead of transliteration).
> Journals are different. Indological journals published by Brill use
> TeX internally, which is convenient,
> but most others know only Word (->InDesign). That is the situation,
> frustrating in a way, but it also
> gives some freedom for using TeX (and, sadly, creating one's own
> dilettantic designs).
> J├╝rgen

perhaps this can be interesting
(seen them at a context meeting years ago)

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