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Probably the situation in South Asian Studies (Indology) is peculiar.
As I indicated, there are mostly no  budgets for book typesetting in  
Indology and
I know of no real expert for typesetting in this field. In other  
words, the authors
have do it themselves, usually in Word etc., but some do use TeX etc.  
Our publications
series (Indologica Marpurgensia) is, for instance, all done with  
LaTeX, as are my publications
with Harrassowitz, which is the largest publisher in our field in  
Germany. There is no institution
offering typesetting of Sanskrit editions, because there is no  
commercial interest in it and I
think there is no expertise for this (especially when Indian scripts  
are used instead of transliteration).

Journals are different. Indological journals published by Brill use  
TeX internally, which is convenient,
but most others know only Word (->InDesign). That is the situation,  
frustrating in a way, but it also
gives some freedom for using TeX (and, sadly, creating one's own  
dilettantic designs).


> I know one company in Leipzig that works for big publishers  
> (www.le-tex.de). I talked to them a few years ago at a book fair and  
> applied twice for their job offers (but they want people to work at  
> their office).
> For scientific publications they’re using a XML-to-LaTeX workflow,  
> otherwise Word-based (->XML->LaTeX or ->InDesign). Of course they  
> accept all kind of data; it looks like they’re really good in  
> automated workflows.
> But I guess there are strong competitors in the far east...
> Hraban
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