[NTG-context] Fallback fails for Linux Libertine O to Junicode over private area, debugging?

J. P. Ascher jpa4q at virginia.edu
Fri Jan 7 16:18:24 CET 2022

Hi, all,

I'm a long time lurker (on gmane), first time poster. First, thank you
all, very much, for your excellent work and superb community.
ConTeXt has become a critical part of my academic writing and integral
to my research.  I'm not exaggerating when I say it changed how
I thought about texts and became a major source for my dissertation
work.  Thank you!

I'm trying to get a typescript for setting a text in Libertine with
Junicode fallbacks for characters in MUFI, in the private use area.
For some reason Libertine roman will not fallback no matter what
I do. However Libertine italic will.  I can also work around it by using
Junicode as a base and forcing fallback to Libertine.

My question is: why?  What's wrong with Libertine roman?  Or my approach?

My hypothesis is that there's something about `LinLibertine_R.otf`
that's not quite right.  I looked in FontForge, but couldn't
spot anything.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to another place to look?  Or something
I'm overlooking?

Minimal example (attached too, if it comes through):


% Libertine with a Junicode fallback, lib-fb-jun


\starttypescript [serif] [lib-fb-jun]
  \definefontsynonym [Libertine-Roman]     [file:linlibertiner]
  \definefontsynonym [Libertine-Slanted]  [file:linlibertineri]  % works fine
\starttypescript [serif] [lib-fb-jun] [name]
  \definefontsynonym [Serif]            [Libertine-Roman]   [features=default,fallbacks=junicodefallback]
  \definefontsynonym [SerifSlanted]     [Libertine-Slanted] [features=default,fallbacks=junicodefallback]
\starttypescript [lib-fb-jun]
  \definetypeface [lib-fb-jun] [rm] [serif] [lib-fb-jun] [default]

% Junicode with Libertine as a fallback, preferring Libertine, jun-pr-lib
% this hack does what I want the above to do


\starttypescript[serif] [jun-pr-lib]
   \definefontsynonym [JunicodeRoman] [name:Junicode]

\starttypescript[serif] [jun-pr-lib] [name]
   \definefontsynonym [Serif] [JunicodeRoman] [fallbacks=preferlibertine]

\starttypescript [jun-pr-lib]
  \definetypeface [jun-pr-lib] [rm] [serif] [jun-pr-lib] [default]

% some tracking stuff


% text, we use lib-fb-jun first, then jun-pr-lib


{\em emph. lib-fb-jun: \Uchar61125 \char64259 \utfchar{"eec5} (three glyphs)}

lib-fb-jun: \Uchar61125 \char64259 \utfchar{"eec5} (three glyphs)  % <- fallback fails here


jun-pr-lib: \Uchar61125 \char64259 \utfchar{"eec5} (three glyphs) % <- works


Any ideas?

Most warmly,

J. P. Ascher
Preceding: https://doi.org/10.18130/jqpe-zc65
Current: http://www.bibsoc.org.uk/content/2020-2021-0

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