[NTG-context] paragraph notes when located in text

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Thu Jan 6 17:23:56 CET 2022

On 1/5/22 7:46 PM, Jean-Pierre Delange via ntg-context wrote:
> AMHO, there is no text with dorecurse …


many thanks for your reply.

The second line is the content of \dorecurse:

     {a\footnote{b} }

> Then the buffer is empty !

No on my computer. Have you pasted the code and did you get an empty file?

> And if I remember the buffer setup should be placed before the
> starttext command. Am I wrong ?

As far as I know, buffer contents can be defined before or after \starttext.

If I comment out the only commented line (in the original sample), I
cannot get paragraph notes. I thought this could be a bug.

Could anyone confirm whether this is the intended behaviour?

Many thanks for your help,


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