[NTG-context] Seperate footnotereference and footnotenumber if necessary

Huseyin Özoguz h.oezoguz at mmnetz.de
Wed Jan 5 12:15:47 CET 2022

Hello dear list,

I work with grids and in many cases a footnote on one of the last lines 
forces and too early page break.

See this min-example:

\stoptext % Lines 41 on page 1 is empty

It preserves the footnote and the reference on the same (next) page, but 
the not full lines because of early pagebreak are inacceptable in my cases.

What I do as a workaround: I seperate the footnote and the reference 
with \note[] and \footnotetext[]{} – but that is not ideal in a 
developing and changing document.

Is there some automatic method to allow the footnote to set on the next 
page if otherwise the pagebreak would leave one or more lines at the 
buttom empty? Maybe some penalty for empty lines or something else?

Thank you.

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