[NTG-context] Critical Editions?

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Tue Jan 4 12:57:14 CET 2022

On 12/21/21 10:50 AM, hanneder--- via ntg-context wrote:
> Details:
> I was able to find the article "Ediciones críticas con ConTeXt" (is
> this in use?)

Hi Jürgen,

if you mean http://www.ediciones-criticas.tk/pdf/criticas-context.pdf,
this is outdated. I hope to update it in a not so distant future...  😅.

> I also found out that for simple editions context already works. For
> critical editions in my field we need both footnote references based
> on linenumbers (for prose), but also references to verse number,
> which can be entered manually.
As far as I can remember linenotes are footnotes with references to line

I don’t think it makes a difference if the line number is set
automatically by ConTeXt or the user specifies a given value.

> So far, so good. Any hints to a more sophisticated solution are highly
> welcome. (I am a simple TeX user)

I’m only a ConTeXt newbie (who has been using it for about a decade 😅).

There might be other solutions, but I’m afraid I don’t know which is
exactly the problem you are facing.

Sorry, but the text structure isn’t clear to me (this is independent
from the fact that I don’t understand a word from the language you may
be using).

BTW, I could only make your sample work in the following form:


    \definenote [variant]

    \definelines[slokaed][][indenting={yes, small, even},

    \definelines[slokaedplain][][indenting={yes, small, even},
        before=\startnarrower, after=\stopnarrower]

    mano buddhir ahaṃ prāṇās tanmātrendriyajīvanam yaṃ
    dṛṣṭvā\linenote{dṛṣṭvā ] dṛṣṭva G\lohi{pc}{1}} vinivartante tam
    \linenote{tam ] tat} upāsyam upāsmahe

    mano buddhir ahaṃ prāṇās tanmātrendriyajīvanam
    yaṃ dṛṣṭvā\variant{2c dṛṣṭvā ] dṛṣṭva} vinivartante tam \variant{2d
    tam ] tat} upāsyam upāsmahe (2)

Just in case it might help,


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