[NTG-context] Getting ONE, TWO... for chapters

jbf roma83537 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 21:36:46 CET 2022

Am typesetting a book that has 'STUDY ONE', 'STUDY TWO' etc. in place of 
CHAPTER ONE, etc. I have no difficulty getting 'STUDY' with 
\setuplabeltext[chapter=STUDY~], and I can achieve 'STUDY One' with the 
key conversion=Words in \setuphead[chapter].

My question: how do I get ONE instead of One.

I tried conversion=WORDS (or WORD), but that is not recognised and the 
output then becomes STUDY 1, which I don't want.

I also tried playing with \definestructureconversionset[myconversion][ 
,A,] then adding the numberconversionset=myconversion to \setuphead.

There must be a simple way to achieve the desire result, and to be 
honest I'm wondering why WORD does not work? Any thoughts?


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