[NTG-context] \thanks inside author in section

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 13:32:03 CET 2022

Youssef Cherem via ntg-context schrieb am 01.01.2022 um 13:10:
> I've tried to implement a journal-like footnote with the authors' 
> affiliation for each section/chapter, by adapting things from the wiki 
> (https://wiki.contextgarden.net/Table_of_Contents#Author_in_ToC and 
> https://wiki.contextgarden.net/LaTeX_Thanks). However, one thing that 
> bugs me is that any note name I choose other than "thanks" does not 
> work, and I have no clue why. Am I missing something, or is there a more 
> elegant way to implement this?
> As an aside, I'd rather have the footnotes below the "thanks" notes. Is 
> there any option that does this?
> [...]

Do you have a example where anything besides \thanks fails. I changed 
\thanks to another commands in the example below and there was no 
problem to do so. The only thing you *have* to do when you change the 
command is to remove the auxiliary file (context --purge) because the 
old (non existing) command is otherwise used in the next run which 
results then in an error message.


      {{\it\structurelistuservariable{author}} --\crlf}%

   [ after=\directsetup{section},

\startsetups [section]




   [numberconversion=set 2]


   [        state=start,


\subject{Grande lista de autores}


\startsection[title={Whatever}][author={A. Uthor},subtitle={I’d like to 
This is a section.

\startsection[title={Segunda seção}][author={Fulano de 
Tal},subtitle={Uma segunda seção de teste}]
This is a section.

\startsection[title={Terceira seção}][author={Alberto de 
Paiva\someothername{asdf}},subtitle={Uma terceira seção de teste}]
This is a section.

\startsection[title={Três autores}][author={Sicrano de 
Tal\someothername{Universidade de Tangerinas} e Alberto 
Steinenberg\someothername{Universidade de Nilfgaard}},
subtitle={Uma seção de teste com dois autores e comentário}]
This is a section.\footnote{Só de teste.}



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