[NTG-context] Asking context to switch to a different font for a single character in many places

kauśika citturs at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 09:58:12 CET 2022

On Saturday, January 1, 2022 1:37:49 PM IST Ajith R wrote:
> This doesn't print the open box. If I remove the definefontfamily
> command or define font family using only Latin Modern, open box is
> printed, but not the title.
> What am I missing?

Try with the following:

  [TeX Gyre Pagella][range=controlpictures,force=yes]
  [RIT Rachana][features=malayalam-two]


I have tested that this works on my system. Ensure that the TeX Gyre Pagella 
font is available on your system (ConTeXt ships with a copy of this font). If 
it still does not work check the log file for any messages regarding fallback 


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