[NTG-context] Question on style-italic vs style=italicface

Rik Kabel ConTeXt at rik.users.panix.com
Sun Sep 26 22:13:44 CEST 2021

Hello list mavens,

What are the circumstances under which style=italicface should be used 
instead of style=italic. I note a difference when I define highlighting. 
I expected to see no difference in the line before and line after the 
hairline the example below, but see that italicface adapts to nesting, 
while italic does not:

Are there other places where this makes a difference?

             [em=italicface] %same with italic for this example


    {\em abc {\em def} ghi}: \type{\em}

    \emph{abc {\emph def} ghi}: \type{\emph}

    \emEm{abc {\emEm def} ghi}: \type{\emEm \definehighlight[style=\em]}

    \emIf{abc {\emIf def} ghi}: \type{\emIf


    \emIt{abc {\emIt def} ghi}: \type{\emIt \definehighlight[style=italic]}


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