[NTG-context] new upload: --secure and 'dk' unit

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Sun Sep 26 17:27:53 CEST 2021


I uploaded a new version. The lmtx installer should now accept --secure 
(but one has to update the installation script) in which case curl is 
used when available on the system.

There are no other chnages apart from the outrcome of an 'extension 
evening session' we had last week:


     We support the Knuthian Potrzebie cf.\ \url 
{https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potrzebie} as |dk|
     unit. It was added 2021-09-22 exactly when we crossed the season 
during a evening session at
     the 15th \CONTEXT\ meeting in Bassenge (Boirs) Belgium. It took a 
few iterations to find the
     best numerator and denominator, but Taco Hoekwater, Harald Koenig 
and Mikael Sundqvist figured
     it out in this interactive session. The error messages have been 
adapted accordingly and the
     scanner in the |tex| library also handle it. One |dk| is 6.43985pt. 
There is no need to make
     \METAPOST\ aware of this unit because there it is just a numeric 
multiplier in a macro package.

     From Wikipedia:

     In issue 33, Mad published a partial table of the \quotation 
{Potrzebie System of Weights and
     Measures}, developed by 19-year-old Donald E. Knuth, later a famed 
computer scientist. According
     to Knuth, the basis of this new revolutionary system is the 
potrzebie, which equals the thickness
     of Mad issue 26, or 2.2633484517438173216473 mm [...].


This is a follow up of a suggestion by Hraban (on the meeting attendents 
list): a new unit. We have 'sp' for an unscaled unit (kind of the 
internal one, also used at the lua end), 'ex', 'em', 'px' as relative 
units (the handy ones), 'mu' for math (sort of relative and adaptive 
too), which leaves 'cm', 'mm' (popular and valid SI), 'pt' (natural to 
typesetting), 'bp' (related to postscript and pdf, the unit that 
competing-to-tex programs use), 'dd' and 'cc' (for Tomas Hala), 'in' 
(for stubborn non SI users) and now also 'dk' (for Don Knuth fans).

So, Hraban (who organizes next year meeting) can now do:



1dk = \the\dimexpr1dk = \the\dimexpr2.2633484mm

{\definedfont[Mono*none @ 6pt]test}
{\definedfont[Mono*none @ 1dk]test}


And in case one wonders: this few line addition doesn't harm performance.


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