[NTG-context] Proper ligatures in Malayalam

Ajith R ajithramayyan at yahoo.co.in
Thu Jun 24 10:25:28 CEST 2021


I tried to make a document in Malayalam, an Indian language. However, the ligatures don't form as expected. 

A minimal example is 

\definefontfamily [malayalam] [ss] [Rachana] [features=malayalam-one]
\definefontfeature[default] [mode=node,kern=yes, liga=yes,tlig=yes, ccmp=yes,language=dflt, protrusion=quality, expansion=quality]
\setupbodyfont [malayalam]

What setting am I missing?

The expected form is show in libre office with the same text and font, attached as an image

The sequence of Malayalam characters used is 

U+0D05 U+0D26 U+0D4D U+0D27 U+0D4DU+0D2F U+0D3E U+0D2F U+0D02


NB: This is my second attempt to send this email. Excuse me if this results in duplication.
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