[NTG-context] \frac error

thierry horsin horsin at free.fr
Mon Apr 19 09:39:34 CEST 2021

For instance:



is OK.




gives an error



$\frac{MTC}{MTE}$ works fine.


Below: part of the error message

tex error       > tex error on line 75 in file chapter8.tex: Dimension 
too large

<macro> \math_strut_htdp #1->\s!height \dimexpr \mathscale #1\fontcharht 
     /\glyphscale \relax \s!depth \dimexpr \mathscale #1\fontchardp 
#1\c_math_strut /\glyphscale \relax
<macro> \commalistcommand \vrule \s!width \zeropoint \normalexpanded 
{\math_strut_htdp {\mathstylefont \normalmathstyle }}
<macro> \math_fraction_inner_normal #1#2->\Ustack {\math_frac_command_u 
{\usemathstyleparameter \mathfractionparameter {\m_fractions_strut_top
     #1}}{\usemathstyleparameter \mathfractionparameter 
{\m_fractions_strut_bot #2}}}\math_frac_wrapup

<line 4.75> \frac{MTC}{MTE}

On 19/04/2021 09:35, Hans Hagen wrote:
> On 4/19/2021 9:21 AM, thierry horsin wrote:
>> Hi again everybody
>> I have tested some more examples. This error occurs when I fix the 
>> current font size to 22 pt (for some slide purposes). For sizes lower 
>> than 22pt, I have no error messages.
> can you make a MWE
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