[NTG-context] Verbose numbers in swedish

peter kvillegard peterkvillegard at gmail.com
Sat Apr 17 18:50:50 CEST 2021

Hi, I'm trying to get verbose numbers (i.e. "five" instead of 5) to
work when \mainlanguage[sv] is set. I'm new to ConTeXt so I'm still
struggling to grasp how everything fits together, but I found the
spanish verbose numbers in core-con.lua, and added functions for
swedish to match that which seemed relevant. I'm attaching my
core-con.lua if that helps. (My additions start at line 1418)

My question is, are there more places in other files that also need to
be modified for this to work? If so, I would be grateful if you could
point me in the right direction. There must be some step that I'm
Thank you.

MWE where I expect the word "ett" instead of "1":
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