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jbf roma83537 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 11:28:20 CEST 2021

My simple MWE:


text... \bibcit[a]{Gen 3:6 (MAC) }Gen 3:6....

(and so one for each Genesis reference, then moving on to Leviticus with 
[b] etc.)

In other words, I have used the key option [] using the alphabet to 
change the order, with Genesis as [a], Exodus [b], Leviticus [c], and so on.

Problem 1: there are 26 letters in the English alphabet. There are many 
more biblical books (OT and NT) than 26, so what do I do when I reach z?

Problem 2: the (MAC) would not normally be required in any biblical 
citation, but in my case it is, as well as (PER), (PRO) and several 
other references. In other words, these indicate where, in  a set of 
documents, the particular citations are to be found. But I think they 
may affect the order of citations, so, for example, I get the following 
results for the first four books of the Bible:

Gen 3:6 (MAC)            120
Gen 4:2-8 (MAC)         123
Gen 39:6-20 (MAG)     127
Gen 17:1 (PES)           137
Gen 18:27 (PES)         140
Gen 28:10-12 (PES)    141
Ex 20:12 (MAG)          129
Lev 6:5-6 (PES)           136
Deut 6:5 (PES)            145
Lam 3:27 (MAG)          129

Notice that Gen 39:6-20 is out of order in terms of chapters and verses. 
It should come after Gen 28:10-12 (PES) but I do not know how to control 
that order. It may be that (MAG), which comes after (MAC) in 
alphabetical terms, is controlling the order, rather than chapter and 
verse which I really want to control the order.

I realise this is complicated, but I'm sure ConTeXt is up to it. I've 
got the basics right for getting at least 26 books in some sort of 
order, but after that??


On 15/4/21 6:08 pm, Hans Hagen wrote:
> On 4/14/2021 11:16 PM, jbf wrote:
>> I am wondering if anyone has had to set up a register (index) for 
>> biblical citations, where the order is not alphabetical but the order 
>> of the biblical books themselves, so, for example, citations from 
>> Genesis (e.g. Gen 1:1; Gen 6:4; Ex 15:2; Deut 12:8 etc. etc). I am 
>> not at all sure how to achieve this.
> best make some MWE and explain what you expect
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