[NTG-context] Arabic place names

jbf roma83537 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 01:05:37 CEST 2021

I have a lengthy text in English which occasionally uses Arabic place 
names in brackets, e.g.

Khàbab ( خبب )is a Syrian town 50 km south of Damascus

The text is copy-pasted from a Word file, so I do not have to type the 
Arabic as such, and would not know how to do that anyway.

Since I never usually have to work with Arabic script (though I do have 
a font installed and recognised by ConTeXt (with the usual mtxrun 
commands) I am not sure how to achieve this. There might be just half a 
dozen of these place names involved in a text of some 300 pages worth. 
The font, BTW is Arslan Wessam A.ttf

My humble attempt: I did the following in my preamble:

\definefallbackfamily [mainface] [sans] [aarslanwessama] [range=arabic]

The rest of the [mainface] setups are obviously western fonts. But the 
fallbackfamily approach did nothing to help. I also tried:

Khàbab {\switchtobodyfont[aarslanwessama](خبب)} is a Syrian town 50 km 
south of Damascus...  but that did nothing either.

Am quite out of my depth with this one so any help would be appreciated.


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