[NTG-context] new upload

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Fri Apr 9 20:19:33 CEST 2021


I uploaded a new version of lmtx.

(1) The only additions are in the language arena (discussed here 
before). For those working on that, the trackers


have been updated. Also, exceptions can be stored in the goodies files 
(and then follow a slightly different route). There's also (at the 
engine level):


which is 1 by default (report bad patterns, as before); a value of 2 
reports hyphenation and exceptions states, while 3 also adds detail if 
it has been applied.

(2) A second aspect of the upload concerns windows. Till now we use 
binaries that are crosscompiled on linux. These perform somewhat better 
than native msvc compiled binaries ... until last week. The native 
windows binaries now are some 5+ % faster than the cross compiled ones. 
However, because it is still somewhat experimental, the installation 
uses the ming ones. (Running the test suite went down from 1350 sec 
cross compiled to 1200 seconds native.)

If you want to check this out, fetch the binaries from the build server:


make sure you replace/link luametatex.exe, mtxrun.exe and context.exe so 
that all then use the replacement. Mojca also configured the setup for 
native 32 bit binaries in case you need those. (The clang variants are 
compiled because want to keep an eye on that but they are definitely 

If this experiment works out ok I might also investigate it for other 
platforms. The gain is mostly in the lua department, less in metapost 
and tex but still a valid reason to use my laptop for another few years. 
  (It is anyway cheaper and more environment friendly to make luametatex 
faster than to buy a new machine.)


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