[NTG-context] Suppressing headers and footers on blank pages before pagebreak at the end of a chapter.

rha17 at t-online.de rha17 at t-online.de
Wed Apr 7 20:20:54 CEST 2021

Hi list,

I typeset my first project with ConTeXt, a small booklet with some chapters, frontmatter, no headers, but pagenumbers in the middle of the footers. I use two environment files. The text is split into component TeX-files. All is structured by a project and a product file.
Now I have run in some problems, I couldn’t solve with the garden and the archives of this and stackexchange’s list. But I’m sure that it is almost too simple for you experts. Let’s start with one.

As intended, a new chapter starts on a right/odd page. If the chapter before ends on a right page, too, there should be a blank left/even page. But in my case there is the pagenumber in the footer – which looks more horrible than an orphan line.

A. Which setting in which setup or definition gives a command like: suppress/skip/hide the header, footer and margin of last page of a chapter, if the text area is empty.

B. More elaborate, a set of commands could 
   – distinguish between headers, footers, an margins and 
   – extend the commands on those pages at the end of the chapters
      – that do not show any text within the last line of the text area, i. e. the very last page of a chapter (even, but whith some text) 
      – or the second last page (odd, with some text, before a complete blank even page).

A book design according to (A) is standard. I’m sure there is a solution in ConTeXt.

(B) can be found often, at least in books from pre-computer times.


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