[NTG-context] Set luatex cache directory path

Thangalin thangalin at gmail.com
Tue Apr 6 00:19:33 CEST 2021

Peter M√ľnster once asked:

> What should I do please, to prevent ConTeXt from creating

I'd like to do the same:

$ cd $HOME
$ ls luatex-cache
ls: cannot access 'luatex-cache': No such file or directory
$ context test.tex
$ ls luatex-cache/
$ rm -rf luatex-cache
$ export TEXMFCACHE=/tmp
$ context test.tex
mtxrun          | unknown script 'mtx-context.lua' or 'mtx-mtx-context.lua'
$ export TEXMFCACHE=
$ context --version
mtx-context     | current version: 2021.03.31 18:04

What environment variable must change to set the luatex-cache directory?

Thank you!
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