[NTG-context] new upload

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Wed Mar 31 18:15:55 CEST 2021


I uploaded a new version. However, because of some new feature there can 
be (unwanted) side effects wrt hyphenation (should not be but who knows).

As a follow up on Denis mails about ligature prevention, we now have a 
mechanism called language 'goodies' analogue to 'font goodies'. For 
practical reasons this permits (high performance) plugs into the 
mechanism that also deals with hyphenation. Basically we can have some 
feedback loop but more about that later (Denis, Wolfgang and I need to 
play with all this and settle on the interface).

Although all can be done in pure lua (and i might add that at some 
point) this particular mechanism plugs into the hyphenator so that we 
get no real performance hit (I can proabbly improve it if really needed 
but let's first see if users complain.)

Here is an exmaple (to be default or not?)


that has to come before a lkanguage gets activated (for now). In 
addition to exceptions one can do


to prevent a ligature between f and i and


to make it into a compound word (use both to prevent ligatures too). 
There's more to come once we get the full picture.

I leave it to Denis to organize the collection of words and definitions 
that go into a goodie file.


ps. Sometimes I wonder if for every new feature added we should drop an 
old maybe useless one, like some of the obsolete pdf stuff or features 
that seem to be persistently broken or weird or unpredictable in 
viewers. After all evolution also takes care of removal.

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