[NTG-context] Writing to .tuc directly from Lua

Jairo A. del Rio jairoadelrio6 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 18:33:52 CET 2021

Hi, Hans. Here's my (miserably failing) attempt:




local name = "nicedata"

-- For exposition only

local function dofactorial(n)

local function inner(c,m)

if m<2 then return c end

return inner(c*m, m-1)


return inner(1,n)


local function factorial(n)

local stringn = tostring(n)

if job.datasets.collected[name] then

return job.datasets.collected[name].factorial[stringn]


local mydata = {[stringn] = tostring(dofactorial(n))}


name = name,

tag = "factorial",

data = mydata


return mydata[stringn]




name = "factorial",

public = true,

arguments = {"string"},

actions = {tonumber, factorial, context}





What happens is that, in each run, both the first and the second conditions
are met, so the compilation is twice as slow, the opposite result of what I
meant to do. How do I fix that?


El mié, 24 de mar. de 2021 a la(s) 01:38, Hans Hagen (j.hagen at xs4all.nl)

> On 3/24/2021 5:20 AM, Jairo A. del Rio wrote:
> > Thank you very much. It's useful, indeed. However, what I need is to
> > bypass TeX (Lua > .tuc) if possible, since all the data I need to handle
> > is generated with Lua scripts.
> datasets-001.tex in the test suite
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