[NTG-context] Keeping track of hyphenations

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Sat Mar 20 12:36:02 CET 2021

On 3/19/2021 9:49 PM, denis.maier at ub.unibe.ch wrote:
> Wow, Hans, that looks awesome. Thanks a lot.
This is a nice example:



% \enabletrackers[hyphenation.applied]
% \enabletrackers[hyphenation.applied.console]

     {\hsize 4em \dorecurse{4}{x\discretionary{aa}{bb}{cc}x #1 }}


     \switchtobodyfont[modern]     \getbuffer
     \switchtobodyfont[pagella]    \getbuffer
     \switchtobodyfont[ebgaramond] \getbuffer
     \switchtobodyfont[dejavu]     \getbuffer


When tex had constructed lines, there are so called discretionary nodes 
left; the pre part gets appended at the end of a line, the postpart 
injected at the start of the next one. Officially the discretionaries 
stay although in mkiv/lmtx we wipe them from the lines.

In the example above you see 'red' glyphs that are the used pre part, 
'blue' ones that are the (seldom used) post parts and the 'green' ones 
are replacement texts (used when there is no cross linebreak treatment 

Maybe this helps you wikifying it ...


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