[NTG-context] margin in TocEntry definition

Bruce Horrocks ntg at scorecrow.com
Fri Mar 12 01:51:17 CET 2021

> On 11 Mar 2021, at 22:22, jbf <roma83537 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for trying, Bruce. That earlier question you refer to was for a similar situation and the answer resolved that one at the time (it was my question even then!) but not the precise one I am facing now.
> The problem, you see, is that \startalignment only offers a few key words like flushleft, middle etc. and not what I need this time, which is a precise indentation feature like .5cm. I suppose my real problem is not being sufficiently au fait with how definitions work. I just can't seem to get a definition that gives me a result like
> Chapter title
>    author ..................................... page number
> the \startalignment approach with flushleft would not give me the indentation obviously, and middle does not work for what I need, and either of them also pushes the page number line down onto the next line, which I don't want. I tried \skip .5cm, so:
> \define[1]\SectionTocEntry{%
> #1\crlf% title
> \hskip .5cm\doifnot{\structurelistuservariable{author}}{}{\structurelistuservariable{author}}%
> }
> But the \hskip is ignored at the beginning of a line. I wonder if there is something else I can substitute it for?

D'oh! Sorry - completely forgot about the indent.

Best I can come up with at the moment is this - but I'm not sure how to get leading dots.


    \hskip 0.5cm



  [title={This is my chapter title}]
  [author={Dummy Name}]
\input Tufte


Bruce Horrocks
Hampshire, UK

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