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Mohammad Hossein Bateni bateni at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 01:38:50 CET 2021


Hans said he's in the metapost mode now :)

I have used lmt_outline in the following example and it is really an
improvement over the previous outline "effect" because one can set the
fillcolor and drawcolor separately.  (that was not possible before, right?)

draw lmt_outline [
  text = "سلام",
  drawcolor = "red",
  fillcolor = "white",
  kind = "reverse",
  align = "r2l",
] scaled 3mm;

1. This works well on a plain background.  I can specify the background
color in fillcolor and get the outline effect.  When the background is an
image, this does not work too well.  Can we use some clip trickery to allow
for "transparent" fill?  Ideally I want to set the fillcolor to a special
value that would lead to only the outlines drawn.

Now you'd say, that was already available via the outline "effect" before.
Not quite.  If a character is formed by more than one curve in the font,
then we'd see some lines drawn inside the character.  The new lmt_outline
mechanism allows one to paint over those.  Which brings me to the next

2. The current mechanism draws/fills the characters one by one.  In
Farsi/Arabic where we have joint characters, the boundaries of letters gets
drawn even in the new mechanism.  See the attached PDF of the above MWE.
The text consists of four characters, the 2nd and 3rd form a ligature which
is joined to the 1st character.  The 4th char is not joined and stands
alone.  Now you see the red connection between the 1st char and the
ligature following it.  It would be nice if the text was allowed to be
processed as a whole (or at least be broken into space delimited pieces)
which is drawn and then filled.

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