[NTG-context] tex live code freeze

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Fri Mar 5 19:24:41 CET 2021


The 2021 texlive code is currently being frozen. This means that Mojca 
will check-in the current context release right before tl gets deep frozen.

The MKII code (mkii and mpii files) hasn't changed so it should still 
work well with pdftex and xetex although I admit that I haven't checked 
to what extend updates to those engines have side effects for context, 
but I assume none. Let me know if there are problems.

The MKIV code (mkiv, mkvi, mpiv, lua files) has changed but not much, 
mostly as a side effect of the code split and move to LMTX where the 
focus is on now. There have been recent changes in the metafun code, but 
new functionality is LMTX only, simply because we use an extended 
library (more features). Of course there have been some bug fixes to 
MKIV and if you think more (bugs) should be fixed let us know.

The yearly texlive release is also the 'official' yearly current release 
but of course after that there will be updates when needed. In these 
updates we don't distinguish between betas and currents: we dropped that 
some time ago because it was only confusing.

Last/this year much of LMTX (mkxl, mpxl, lmt files) already got split 
and I expect that this year all the lua and mp files also will be 
independent so that at some point we have a more or less frozen MKIV 
that uses luatex (which doesn't change fundamentally apart from fixes so 
we don't need to adapt code to it i.e. MKIV should keep working just 
like MKII does with pdftex; updates to for instance fonts and languages 
will be applied).

I get the impression that most users already moved to LMTX which helped 
getting it in the state it is now (thanks for all the testing). Although 
MKII/MKIV serves a reference for functionality, new stuff got and gets 
added to LMTX. I could backport some but it probably makes no sense 
(some is probably easy). There is of course untested code like the 
overload protection mechasnisms but I have that enabled on my machine 
(users can do that too) so I can notice side effects.

The new engine (luametatex) doesn't change much. Recent changes are 
mostly cosmetic and I don't expect many more fundamental additions, but 
who knows ... (not all in there is yet used extensively) and maybe 
context users have interesting demands that trigger extra stuff (read: 
challenges me).

So apart from new trickery at the tex macro end, we also reach a more 
stable state in LMTX. Soon I'll pick up some todo's. Some users want 
parallel stuff (keeps coming up), I also want to see how we can do more 
metafun - let me know what is missing as I'm currently in metafun mode - 
and go over some older lua code that started as experiment but hasn't 
been checked recently. I also want to cleanup the export code a bit but 
it's kind of boring to do and maybe we should ditch some pdf backend 
functionilty that adobe dropped from its viewers. And there are always 
manuals to complete / update ... Anyway, the current LMTX release is 
also a kind of yearly snapshot.

So, if there is some last minute stuff that needs to be done to context 
MKII and MKIV before the tl code freeze, let us know.


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