[NTG-context] error with recent standalone (luametatex)

Alan Bowen bowenalan03 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 16:35:59 CET 2021

Files that ran well with ver ConTeXt  ver: 2021.02.20 16:50 LMTX and
earlier now fail with the following message:

tex error       > tex error on line 74 in file

lua error:
run callback [36]: [string
"/Applications/LuaMetaTeX/tex/texmf-context/te..."]:1343: attempt to
concatenate a boolean value (local 'v')
stack traceback:
[string "/Applications/LuaMetaTeX/tex/texmf-context/te..."]:1343: in local
[string "/Applications/LuaMetaTeX/tex/texmf-context/te..."]:1358: in
function <[string "/Applications/LuaMetaTeX/tex/texmf-context/te..."]:1353>

64     \startparagraph
65     Some facts are compiled in the synthesis. The representations and
inscriptions in the stair­wells and kiosk show parallels to other cult
buildings [702]. In several cases there are allu­sions to the ritual
Opening of the Mouth [702].
66     \stopparagraph
68     \startparagraph
69     In the synopsis, selected texts are compared [711–725]. The
parallels are clearly arranged.
70     \stopparagraph
72     \startparagraph
73     The book contains bibliography [737–765], indices [767–809], tables
[1a–41b], and color tab­les [1–7].
74 >>  \stopparagraph

Is this a bug or has something changed that I am uns=aware of yet?

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