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Richard Mahoney rmahoney at indica-et-buddhica.org
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Thanks Wolfgang,

Hans kindly sent me a simple minimal. I've adjusted it to include a
to \pagereference and it works. I'm currently trying to test my
to see why my own calls to \pagereference do not result in any output,
despite the fact that all the calls to the reference ids in chapters
as expected. I'm imagining at this point that it has something to do
using two master files --one for each volume-- with multiple includes
(\components) for each chapter &c. -- the \pagereference code appears
in a number of the components.

I'll try to set up a simple example replicating the file structure I'm
and then send it through.

Best, Richard

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Richard Mahoney schrieb am 04.03.2021 
um 09:04:

>   Readers,
>   I'm working on a couple of volumes of papers set up and generated
>   separately (though within the same project). Some of the papers 
> in
>   the second volume make cross references to papers in the first.
>   Now this is working well so long as the reference is to the 
> details
>   associated with, say, a chapter, using \about, \in, and \at. Its 
> doesn't
>   seem to work though with \pagereference: no page number appears
>   in the PDF whatsoever. I have  been following the material here:
> https://wiki.contextgarden.net/References#References_to_an_external_file
>   I'm wondering then ... do cross references to an external file 
> work
>   with \pagereference? 

Hi Richard,

I just tested \pagereference in a simple example and had no problem

the page numbers from the other document. Without a minimal example

there is no way to tell what's missing in your document.


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