[NTG-context] lmtx update / teaser

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Tue Mar 2 11:33:09 CET 2021

On 3/2/2021 11:15 AM, mf wrote:
> Il 01/03/21 15:44, Hans Hagen ha scritto:
>> \starttext
>> \startuseMPgraphic{circle}
>>      lmt_parshape [
>>          path       = fullcircle scaled 136mm,
>>          offset     = 2mm,
>>          bottomskip = - 1.5LineHeight,
>>      ] ;
>> \stopuseMPgraphic
>> \start
>> \startshapedparagraph[list=circle,mp=circle,repeat=yes,method=cycle]%
> list=... refers to a previous \startparagraphshape definition, so mp=... 
> tells ConTeXt that the definition is derived from MetaPost code instead.

you're right, the list= can be removed (you can do that and see that it 
still works)

> Just mp=... could be enough, but maybe "list=xyz,mp=xyz" makes it clear 
> that mp is used to get a parshape from MetaPost instead of a 
> \startparagraphshape definition.
>>      \setupalign[verytolerant,stretch,last]\dontcomplain
> What's the meaning of \dontcomplain? Why is it needed there?

I don't want to see messages about underful boxes cluttering my log (and 
such shapes tend to produce them).

> BTW, \startparagraphshape, \stopparagraphshape, \startshapedparagraph, 
> \stopshapedparagraph should be added to the .xml documentation files.

WOlfgang normally picks up these new thinsg and adds them but we update 
the xml files only periodically.

> The "right", "left", "both", "copy", "repeat" syntax in 
> \startparagraphshape is really handy.
I might actually add "metapost {name}" too and "delete n" to wipe out 
some previous ones. Rather trivial but we need to be able to say that we 
'added a new feature' occasionally. I couldn't yet think of more than 
'cycle' and 'repeat' but who knows what users want ... (like some 
autofit loop).


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