[NTG-context] lmtx update / teaser

mf massifr at fastwebnet.it
Tue Mar 2 11:15:21 CET 2021

Il 01/03/21 15:44, Hans Hagen ha scritto:
> \starttext
> \startuseMPgraphic{circle}
>      lmt_parshape [
>          path       = fullcircle scaled 136mm,
>          offset     = 2mm,
>          bottomskip = - 1.5LineHeight,
>      ] ;
> \stopuseMPgraphic
> \start
> \startshapedparagraph[list=circle,mp=circle,repeat=yes,method=cycle]%

list=... refers to a previous \startparagraphshape definition, so mp=... 
tells ConTeXt that the definition is derived from MetaPost code instead.

Just mp=... could be enough, but maybe "list=xyz,mp=xyz" makes it clear 
that mp is used to get a parshape from MetaPost instead of a 
\startparagraphshape definition.

>      \setupalign[verytolerant,stretch,last]\dontcomplain

What's the meaning of \dontcomplain? Why is it needed there?

BTW, \startparagraphshape, \stopparagraphshape, \startshapedparagraph, 
\stopshapedparagraph should be added to the .xml documentation files.

The "right", "left", "both", "copy", "repeat" syntax in 
\startparagraphshape is really handy.


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