[NTG-context] Genealogy and context

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Mon Mar 1 19:41:58 CET 2021

> Am 28.02.2021 um 19:32 schrieb David van Diepen <david at diepenvan.nl>:
> Genealogical information is stored as structured data. I have added a
> fragment of an Gramps XML file below. In such a file there are events,
> people, families and other groupings of data and these are linked by
> handles.
> What we would like to produce is a book with a number of blocks on
> every page describing a family: Father, mother, dates of birth and
> death, date of marriage, occupations and children. It would also be
> good it there are references to the grandparents. 

Hi David,

I’m also using Gramps (for my personal family tree and for research for a historical novel), and I always wondered if it wouldn’t be possible to create nicer family trees and other charts using ConTeXt/MetaPost. But I still can’t handle XML in ConTeXt nor MetaPost myself.

I’d suggest to first create a sample layout to have a clear target – how would you like to present your data?

Since Gramps XML is not very straightforward (many crossreferences) it _might_ make sense to use a preprocessor (XSLT) and convert it to XML or Lua tables that you can use with the bibliography module.
I’m quite sure it’s possible to do it completely in ConTeXt/Lua, but if you’d like to have configurable output, you’d probably create something similar to the bib module.

I’m looking forward to what you will create! (And I think it would be an excellent topic for a talk at the ConTeXt meeting and/or an article in the ConTeXt journal!)


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