[NTG-context] Bug report: \setupbackend corrupts bibliography rendering

a badin andrej.badin at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 11:42:27 CET 2021

Dear gardeners,

I'm new to ConTeXt and would like to share a possible bug with you.

If I have the \setupbackend[export=example.xml,css=example.css] entry in my
.tex file, then my bibliography renders in a strange way (text copied from
pdf): 1 bfldcategoryarticle: [author: Andrej Arrow] [journal: MAPS]
[keywords: context] [pages: 2-8] [title: The Font Name Mess] [volume: 40]
[year: 2010]

If I remove or comment that entry out, then the bibliography renders OK
(copy from pdf): 1 A. Arrow, “The Font Name Mess”, *MAPS *40, 2-8, 2010.

my .tex source is:
% \setupbackend[export=example.xml,css=example.css]


my ref.bib file:
  author = {Andrej Arrow},
  title = {The Font Name Mess},
  journal = {MAPS},
  year = {2010},
  volume = {40},
  pages = {2-8},
  keywords = {context},

Hope this helps,
Andrej Badin
+31 6 82 23 50 33
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