[NTG-context] Possible problem with context using the ARM 64bit download for Apple Silicon M1

Keith McKay mckaymeister at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 20:10:55 CET 2021

Thanks for your reply Hans.

I half suspected that the ARM version was experimental but thought I 
should report it anyway.

Much as I would love to donate an ARM mini to the farm the best I can do 
is offer to compile on my mac mini Silicon M1, however, I would have to 
add the caveat that this is something I have never done so would need a 
lot of hand holding.

Best Wishes


On 23/02/2021 17:21, Hans Hagen wrote:
> On 2/23/2021 5:51 PM, Keith McKay wrote:
>> I have been using ConTeXt (X86 64bits) on my mac mini Apple Silicon 
>> M1 and it works well using Rosetta translation for the M1. I recently 
>> installed the ARM 64bits version (separately from the X86 64bits 
>> version) which I assume does not require translation using Rosetta. 
>> However I had a error with the lmt_shade command in the ARM 64bits 
>> ConTeXt verson but not in with the X86 64bits version of ConTeXt. The 
>> MWE is shown below. This is actually taken from the LuaMetaFun 
>> manual. I also noticed that some figures are missing in the manual 
>> (Chapter 7, Shade) which is part of the ARM 64bit tree but not in the 
>> manual in the X86 64bits tree.
> That arm version was an experiment so it's definitely not in sync with 
> the latest luametatex/lmtx combination. It was crosscompiled on an 
> intel mac which took ages so it stuck as experiment. Because th eintel 
> bin runs on the arm mac it has a low priority (unless someone donates 
> an arm mini to the farm). So, forget about the arm apple bins for now.
> We do generate windows arm but that's because it's easy to do, boit 
> that we have a machine to test if it actually works.
> Btw, in the latest upload the metafun manual should compile ok (Otared 
> tested till we had all working in lmtx which does some things 
> differnetly deep down; there were also some resources missing).
> Hans
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