[NTG-context] \blackrule and margin

Ursula Hermann ursula.hermann at univie.ac.at
Mon Feb 22 10:05:20 CET 2021

Dear Pablo!

Thank you so much for helping me. It is perfect. The formular is also a part of my documet.


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On 2/19/21 4:02 PM, Ursula Hermann wrote:
> Dear List,
> i have the little following example:
> \setuppapersize[A8,landscape]
> \setuplayout[leftmargin=2.5cm,
>              leftmargindistance=0.2cm,
>              backspace=2.9cm,
>              width=4cm]
> \showframe
> \starttext
> \blackrule
> \margintext{Me}
> \blackrule[color=black, height=0.5ex, width=1cm]
> \stoptext
> \startformula
> a^n + b^n = c^n.
> \stopformula
> \stoptext
> What i want is a\blackrule over the margintext, but i do not get what I
> wantend.

Hi Uschi,

I don’t know whether this is similar to whay you might intend:

\margintext{\blackrule[color=black, height=0.5ex, width=1cm]\\Me}
a^n + b^n = c^n.

BTW, it isn’t also clear to me whether the formula is part of your
document or not.

Just in case it helps,

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