[NTG-context] lmtx error: You can't use 'integer 340' in internal vertical mode

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Fri Feb 19 10:21:46 CET 2021


I can't yet provide a mwe as the project is quite complex and includes color
profiles and bleed.

I can process it with context.

When I process it using lmtx but without colorprofiles and bleed, it works.

When I process it using lmtx with colorprofiles and bleed, it get this error:

tex error       > tex error on line 1 in file ./prod-poster-motiv-souveraenitaet.tex: You can't use 'integer 340' in internal vertical mode

<macro> \page_shipouts_arrange ...setbox \shipoutscratchbox \hpack {\getobject \??arrangedpage {\the \realpageno }}\fi \pusharrangedpage \shipoutscratchbox 
    \deadcycles \zerocount \endgroup 
<macro> \page_boxes_shipout ...tbox \shipoutscratchbox \hpack {#1}\page_shipouts_handle {\finalizeshipoutbox \shipoutscratchbox \box \shipoutscratchbox }
    \fi \setnextrealpageno \the \everyaftershipout \ifcase \c_page_boxes_flush_n \else \page_boxes_flush_after \fi 
<macro> \page_otr_construct_and_shipout #1#2#3->\forgetall \page_boxes_shipout {\page_boxes_constructed_page #1#2}
    \page_otr_flush_pending_content \page_otr_check_for_pending_inserts \inpagebodytrue \pagebodymode \plusone \page_otr_command_flush_saved_floats \page_otr_command_set_vsize \str

<macro> \currentcolorname \page_otr_command_side_float_output 
    \ifconditional \c_page_sides_short \global \setfalse \c_page_sides_short \else \global \d_page_sides_vsize \d_page_sides_vsize_reset \global \c_page_sides_n_of_lines \zerocount \fi 

<macro> \currentcolorname \ifcsname \??otrtriggers \the \outputpenalty \endcsname \lastnamedcs \else \page_otr_command_routine 

<output> {\inotrtrue \the \everybeforeoutput \page_otr_triggered_output_routine 
    \relax \the \everyafteroutput }

<line 3.47> \stopproduct

Are there changes with modes or setupbackend in lmtx?

My configuration is:

   intent={ISO Coated v2 300\letterpercent\space (ECI)},

Jan Ulrich Hasecke

Autoren-Homepage: ......... http://literatur.hasecke.com
Satiren & Essays: ......... http://www.sudelbuch.de
Privater Blog: ............ http://www.hasecke.eu
Netzliteratur-Projekt: .... http://www.generationenprojekt.de

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