[NTG-context] verify if you are already postponing notes

mf massifr at fastwebnet.it
Mon Feb 15 19:14:49 CET 2021

Dear list,
I'm typesetting XHTML and there is a couple of cases (tables and math), 
where I use \postponenotes ... \flushnotes in both their XML setups.

The problem arises when I have math inside the cell of a table, so I get 
those commands nested:

\postponenotes % <table> element

\postponenotes % <span class="math"> element inside a cell

\flushnotes % </span> closing math

\flushnotes % </table> closing table

With CSS selectors or XML machinery I can find those corner cases, but 
something like this would be better because more general:



Is there a way to define those \doif... macros?


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