[NTG-context] Loop?

Angel M Alganza ama at ugr.es
Fri Feb 12 19:39:05 CET 2021


I am trying to print a list of names always followed by the same info
(generated by a new command).  At the moment, I have all the names
followed by the command like so:

	Person Number One
	Person Number Two
	Person Number Three
	Person Number Four
	Person Number Five

I'd rather have the list of people stored somewhere (a list? an array?)
and loop through it and then inserting \mynewcommand at compilation
time.  That way, when I need to replace the list of people with a new
one, I'd just do that instead of building the above structure again and

Is it possible to do that with just ConTeXt or would I need to resort to
Lua.  I guess it should be possible both ways, but I haven't figure out
how to do it.  Any pointer, please?

Thank you so much in advance.


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