[NTG-context] issue printing with Acrobat?

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Fri Feb 12 16:12:41 CET 2021

Dear list,

I have the following sample:

  \setuppapersize[A4, landscape]
  \setupinteractionscreen[option={landscape, paper}]
  {\startmakeup[page][pagestate=start, align=middle]

Selecting paper in option from \setupinteractionscreen also sets
(printing) orientation to auto.

I couldn’t print the resulting PDF generated from the code above without
having to set orientation to landscape (in Acrobat’s printing dialog).
Otherwise, I was getting wrong orientation in printed pages.

Printing was wrong in both printers I tried. Acrobat DC (reader) version
is Acrobat DC (2021.001.20135).

I was using both MkIV and latest LMTX. I think there might be a bug in
latest Acrobat.

Could anyone confirm whether the latest Acrobat DC is able to print the
PDF document from the code above with the printing orientation set to

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