[NTG-context] Table of Content

Ursula Hermann ursula.hermann at univie.ac.at
Thu Feb 11 12:11:46 CET 2021

Dear List!

I did this example, which works perfect. If i would like to  take a new page after the Table of Content, is \page the right way?

% mode=mkiv
%list the "subject" sections in the ToC but don't modify the "section" counter:
\setuphead[subject]  [incrementnumber=list]

%"width": distance between number and text in the ToC entry, "margin" : indent of ToC entry relative to left page margin
\setuplist[subsection][width=2.5em, margin=1.5em]
\setuplist[subject, section, subsection]

\setupcombinedlist[content][list={subject,section,subsection}, alternative=c]

\subsection{Sec A}


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