[NTG-context] Twenty One versus Twenty-one

jbf roma83537 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 09:20:03 CET 2021

I appreciate the response.

However, you are light years ahead of me in understanding ConTeXt, so I 
don't quite know what to do with the info you have given me! I have 
difficulty understanding your comment 'This is not interfaced via 
setuphead *or* setuplangauge *or* because the converter is not 
configured that way'. The 'or' throws me out, I'm afraid. Were you going 
to suggest somewhere else?

I assumed that I would need to add \def\verbosenumberconnector{--} as a 
definition in the preamble (and have), but where do I call it in? Not in 
\setuphead[chapter] that is for sure, but I need to call on it 
somewhere. Where?


On 11/2/21 6:44 pm, Hans Hagen wrote:
> On 2/11/2021 2:20 AM, jbf wrote:
>> Am currently dealing with a book that has twenty-one chapters, and 
>> the author (who is visually impaired) follows a range of visually 
>> impaired principles when writing and wanting things published. That's 
>> the background to my question!
>> MWE
>> \setuphead[chapter][
>>      header=empty,
>>      alternative=middle,
>>      style={\ssd},
>>      number=yes,
>>      conversion=Word,
>>      command=\MyChapterCommand,
>>      after={\blank[1cm]},
>>      ]
>> Problem is, when we get to chapter Twenty-one (which is the correct 
>> way to write it in English) it gives me 'Twenty One'. Is there a way, 
>> in my setup, that I can force it to give me 'Twenty-one'? (note the 
>> hyphen and the lower case for 'one').
>> I don't think MyChapterCommand is relevant here, but just in case, 
>> this is it:
>> \define[2]\MyChapterCommand%
>> {\framed[frame=on,bottomframe=on,leftframe=off,rightframe=off,topframe=off,align=middle] 
>>       {\vbox{\headtext{chapter} #1\blank#2}}}
> I'll add this:
> \def\verbosenumberconnector{--}
> so you can define your own connectors. This is not interfaced via 
> setuphead or setuplangauge or because the converter is not configured 
> that way (maybe some day but I need to discuss it with Wolfgang 
> because then we want to solve that for all commands and make the right 
> choice for keys and so).
> Up to you to wikify it.
> Hans
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